Condemned Ohio Child Killer Wants to Donate Organs

In COLUMBUS Ohio a child killer asks Monday to donate his organs to his mother and sister. The killers name is Ronald Philips and he asked to donate his heart and his kidneys to his sister and mother before or after his execution next week. Philips is also willing to donate organs to others if they are not able to give them to his relatives. He is sentenced to die for rape and  murder of his girl friends 3 yr old daughter in Akron 1993.

I think this is nice that he wants to donate his organs to help his family but awful that he raped and murdered his girl friends 3 year old daughter. I bet his girl friend wanted to marry* him after that.


2 thoughts on “Condemned Ohio Child Killer Wants to Donate Organs

  1. Um I’m kind of confused, can someone help me out with this? Why would you go murder, assassinate someone, or do any of the sort then want to be all nice and donate your organs, that is confusing. you cant just curse someone out or get in a fight with them etc. and buy them chocolates and roses!? Once a killer always a killer.

    still confused, mary
    duces people p.s. I had to use assassinate because it wouldn’t let me use R A P E

  2. I think that he should be able to donate his organs. How would he be able to take his organs before his execution. Does his mother and sister need the organs? Lastly I think it was stupid of him to kill his girlfriends 3 year old daughter. But why would someone what the organs of a evil person who would kill a child.

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